Unusual event for all lovers of design, quality and luxury WE LIKE IT 2013 will be held on 4th - 7th April 2013

The show of luxury automobile and motorcycle design, lights and lighting, interior design, art, fashion and lifestyle brings the selection of the best brands on the Czech market in the connection with examples of current trends in modern lifestyle. Each section will have its own separate target group, own space and media partners.

Organizers are preparing individual sections of the exhibition, separate press conference, a social party in collaboration with the best restaurants in Prague and exclusive bilingual catalog-guide.
The first day of the show, 4th April 2013 will be allowed entry only to the invitations according to the target groups of visitors. In the next three days the show is open to the general public.

Date of the Event:

4th - 7th April 2013
Place: Veletržní palác (budova Národní galerie v Praze)
Opening hours:
Thursday - Sunday/ 4th - 7th April 2013/ 10:00 - 18:00 hod

The Mascotte Ltd. Company and the Czech Architecture Week Ltd. Company
Both organizers have years of experience in organizing exclusive exhibitions,

trade fairs and prestigious events (mmotion, Architecture Week, light in architecture,

art & interior, FSDays, Boats on the water, ... etc.)

Media campaign: selection of the best design, lifestyle, automobile and social journals
web portals, TV shows focused not only on celebrity.

motion & lifestyle

Show of selected exclusive automobile, motorcycle and lifestyle brands, mainly focused on the prestige and luxury. Here are presented cars, motorcycles and lifestyle accessories from the world's most prestigious brands. There will not be missed environmentally friendly cars  with alternative and hybrid drives.

Visitors, fans of cars, which are produced and custom-made for a very narrow range of clients, will be pleasantly surprised at the level of the event.

The target group are VIP clients, lovers of premium brands, sports cars, high-speed and luxury limousines, as well as celebrities from the world of showbusiness, but also from the social life.

model apartment - spaces

In cooperation with leading Czech and foreign design companies, there will be built demonstration model apartment, which architectural design will be prepared specially for this year by the British studio, which is also active in the Czech Republic, Bogle Architects (

On the desktop of show WE LIKE IT will be presented, meeting the most demanding requirements of today's modern users. The model apartment will be the best inspiration for considering the implementation of their own projects, or inspiration for the most demanding client.

The top of interior design studios and showrooms with the help of the renowned experts on ergonomics and economics of contemporary home in conjunction with the best that technology can offer today will be fitted up the model apartment. Visitors will also have the opportunity to look into the vision of these experts and imagine future possibilities of living and life style, which must correspond both to the demands of quality, efficiency and aesthetics, and the need to be green and in harmony with nature. Top, modern and the best will in the near future mean both sustainable and beautiful ...

The target group are VIP clients who are looking for inspiration to their living.

light in architecture

The aim of the show is a presentation of new lighting technology, lighting fixtures and lighting systems as well as new technologies in lighting. It is intended mainly to professionals - architects, designers, lighting engineers, structural engineers and developers from all over the Czech Republic.

The best and the most prominent Czech and foreign brands in the field will present themselves, supplemented by individual presentations, lectures and professional workshops. Student works of secondary schools and universities of design, which bring exposure among the top reputable companies novelty, playfulness and creativity, will get a space again.

As in past years a prestigious full-color catalog will be issueed, in which will be presented interested companies, interviews with people who deals with lighting and further information about news in the field, accompanied by register of marks. The target groups are architects, engineers, planners, interior designers, general public.

location - space

The Show WE LIKE IT 2013 will be located at the Veletržní Palác (the building of the National Gallery in Prague) and nearby areas on area of almost 4,000 sqm.

The actual exhibition space and the building of the National Gallery will be increased by an interesting and unexpected element - a hall on the terrace before the Veletržní palác. The roof of this extended area will be transparent as well as a join wall to the Veletržní palác and it will create an impression of compact space.

The concept of the show underlines the architecture of the buildig of Veletržní palác.