Benefit Concert, Auction and Exhibition of Art Work for AKCE CIHLA

Tuesday 24th November 2009

On Tuesday, 24th November 2009, a celebratory party took place in the exhibition room of Mánes building. The event was named the Benefit Concert, Auction and Exhibition of Art Work for AKCE CIHLA and this year our company MASCOTTE s.r.o. was also among its partners.


The party was not only about the auction of the art work of renowned artists; it was also great fun as well as highly acclaimed event. Several famous figures also participated – among them e.g. the actress and AKCE CIHLA patroness Simona Stašová. During the event, a nine-minute long comedy filmed by the clients of sheltered housing was shown to the audience. The film has gained numerous awards at various film festivals. Also, winners of interesting prizes were drawn and the whole party ended with buffet supper.


The event was the peak of a year-long benefit collection organized by a civic association Portus Prague ( The collected money is used for the support of mentally handicapped people and their respectable living.


Besides the works of renowned artists, in the auction there were also ten original chairs that were donated by Ton Company and uniquely artistically “modified” by the AKCE CIHLA patrons and other celebrities. Among them there was Simona Stašová as mentioned before, then Jaroslav Svěcený, Ivana Chýlková, Jára Cimrman theater, Barbora Špotáková, Pavel Šťastný, Ewa Nemoudry, Jana Krausová, Pavel Opočenský and Václav Vydra. And why chairs? Chairs are an integral part of any house, even of the sheltered houses where mentally handicapped people live.


We are pleased that we could support to such a good project.


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