Prague Fire & Security Days (FSDays 2010)

Autumn 2010

In autumn 2010, a prestigious and exclusive show of the latest trends in firefighting and security technology, Prague Fire & Security Days (FSDays 2010), is going to take place for the second year.


FSDays 2010 is a fair closely watched by the media. It focuses on an unconventional presentation of electric and mechanic security systems, private security agencies, national security bodies, providers of services related to the protection of health, life and property in a prestigious venue of the functional Veletržní Palace.


FSDays 2010 is a unique social gathering of producers, distributors and sales representatives of various brands as well as their business partners.


The goal of FSDays 2010 is to acquaint not only the building industry professionals – investors, architects, planners and designers – with the latest trends, procedures and systems for security, guarding and protection of buildings and various objects.


FSDays 2010 is also targeted at professionals from IT technology industry, power engineering, facility management, as well as representatives of galleries, exhibition halls, museums, castles, chateaux, monuments, bank institutions and other organizations with increased safety risks, but also the representatives of housing associations and unions of tenants.


Among the goals of FSDays 2010 is also to acquaint wide public with the many possibilities of the fire and security systems used in everyday life to enhance the protection of citizens’ health, life and property. This is realized with the help of accessible, informal and interesting presentations of the given companies, as well as various discussions, lectures and video screening. Furthermore, the aim of the event is to endorse even the general possibilities of personal, private, as well as public safety, provide information and promote the responsibility of all people, organizations, authorities and other stakeholders working in this field.


The project represents a good opportunity for people of different social status, distinct interests and personal priorities. The fair enables the visitors to examine, discover and expand one’s knowledge about the current, modern, security technologies. Above all, however, it offers the opportunity to select a specific solution of one’s needs with respect to security, which can be later implemented.


Prague Fire & Security Days is the place of annual meeting of producers and distributors of the latest trends in firefighting and security systems, high-tech technologies – security systems, private security agencies, but also national security bodies, non-commercial institutions, supporting organizations and associations on the one hand, with the widest lay as well as professional public on the other. The discussions are facilitated by various visual presentations, meetings, lectures, conferences, social events but the fair also helps by simply mediating the meetings of people who would not otherwise have such an opportunity.


At the event the most important Czech companies in fire and security technology are the traditional participants as well as representatives of foreign corporations and construction companies, that work in the Czech Republic, the representatives of national security bodies and the City of Prague etc.


Above all, FSDays 2010 emphasizes crime prevention and prevention of health injuries and property damages.

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