About us

Thank you for visiting the websites of Mascotte s.r.o. company.


We are a professional team with almost 20 years of experience with events and exhibitions providing. We have organized several successful projects and were even at the very birth of some of them.


Among the most successful is the exclusive car, motorcycle and lifestyle brands show mmotion in the Trade Fair Palace in Prague. Our company is one of the founders of the show and until 2008 we were also one of its partners.


Currently, we focus on the creation of our own events and exhibitions portfolio. Since 2009 we have been organizing a professional fair – a prestigious show of the latest trends in firefighting and security technology, systems and services Prague Fire & Security Days (FSDays). Thanks to its perfect organization, top quality provided services and the choice of business partners the event counts among the best shows in the Czech Republic.


Mainly, our work and our pleasure is connected with the organization of events and fairs :)


However, we don’t only provide shows, fairs or conferences; we are also a marketing and advertising agency ready to realize all your promotional needs. We also provide all the related services – organization and arrangement of various events, preparation and production of graphic designs as well as promotion or product photographs.


We cooperate with a wide range of partners, including external, that are professionally or closely specialized. This enables us to react flexibly to a wide range of our clients’ needs. Naturally, we ensure full flexibility, creativity and personal approach.